In-Home or Via Skype


Our language lessons can be held conveniently in your home, office or via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Our lessons are customized to your interests and needs.

You choose the schedule that best works for you.

You can learn Spanish, French, English or almost any other language.

Improve your pronunciation, become more fluent in your speaking, learn common vocabulary that everyone uses and gain confidence!

All course materials come with an online book, movies, real videos, cultural readings, books, thousands of practice exercises, and an online dictionary. Fill out our contact form, and we will contact you to decide together the best courses for you.

Language is learned through conversation, so let’s talk.

Children and Young Adult Lessons

  • We create afterschool language programs for Spanish and French. Let us organize a program for your elementary, junior high or high school. Ask us how.
  • Fluency Lessons are key if you want your student to be bilingual. Language class in high school just doesn’t cut it if the goal is true fluency. Set up weekly lessons now to begin building toward fluency with our communication-based classes. They are fun, activity-filled and ensure that your student is speaking Spanish the entire lesson due to our immersion, story-telling way of teaching.
  • Group Fluency Lessons are great if you want your student to get fluent, but you also want to save money. Get a group of friends together for the semester and form a weekly fluency class. We teach via activities, stories, games, and many fun themes that a teen will enjoy. Please email Micah at to help you get more information and pricing.