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ceo-of-fluency-corp-micah-bellieuMicah, the founder of Fluency, took 8 years of Spanish, after which, she still didn’t feel comfortable speaking Spanish. She thought to herself, “What the heck is wrong with me? I must be really bad at languages.”

Then, she started eating lunch with Spanish-only speaking coworkers. After about 6 months of this, she realized, “Holy cow! Spanish just comes out of my mouth now, without having to wrack my brain.”

She was officially fluent. 

Why had she become fluent in 5 hours a week of listening, commenting and eating when she had gone to an immersion Spanish college and come out frustrated? Reason: she was interested in the conversations and the topics were relevant to her life.

Micah knew there were millions of people out there who desperately wanted to become fluent in other languages, but weren’t sure how.

She started to teach how she would want to be taught. 

The lessons had to be RELEVANT, INTERESTING and FUN. It couldn’t just be about learning grammar rules. So for 3 years she gathered customized materials for every client, learning about what they liked, disliked, were interested in and why they were learning, so that she could give them exactly what they needed.

It worked! People loved the lessons and HR departments could see the progress.

Fluency Corp now teaches any language from Japan to California, Germany to Venezuela. We’re everywhere. 

Many business people with MBAs told her that you couldn’t create a business with every class being personalized or customized. But Micah responded, “But how can you truly learn without it?”

Fluency Corp classes include, but are not limited to using: Netflix, real emails, crime novels, YouTube, Meetup groups, non-fiction books, dinners to meet others who speak the language you’re learning, newspaper advice columns and the most important: instructors with years of experience, an aptitude for conversational skills and great personalities!

Micah now speaks Spanish and French fluently, is Advanced Beginner in Japanese and plans on tackling Russian by 2020.